What’s The Story? isn’t exactly the storytelling podcast it purports to be...

It’s actually a serial fiction podcast about a team of wannabe radio reporters and the sometimes extreme measures they take to find or avoid the truth.

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Created by Bryan Farrell
Developed by Bryan Farrell and Brian McCarthy
Written by Bryan Farrell, Brian McCarthy, Gerald Tobin and Ren Peir
Recorded, Edited and Mixed by David Tatasciore
Sound design by David Tatasciore
Produced by Bryan Farrell and David Tatasciore
WTS theme song by Brian McCarthy, Mixed by David Tatasciore

Cast regulars

Ray Elliott - Bryan Farrell
Phil O'Malley - Brian McCarthy
Stacey Tung - Ren Peir
Blair Clemens - Gerald Tobin
Mike The Sound Guy - David Tatasciore

episode 1

dream jobs

Momudu Kamara - Joseph Beya
Ryan Furlough, Dude and Old Italian Man - Josh Hurley
Tagalog interpreter 1 - Jessica Leber
Tagalog interpreter 2 - Daryll Moose
Kris Kastle and Coach Ned Thompkins - Brian McCarthy
Rev. Jimothy Kastle - Gerald Tobin
Samantha Snyder - Raina Trider
Cheerleader - Katy Zanville

"The Chase (Instrumental)" by I. Icardi; M. Cataldi; K. Walczyk / Proud Music Library
Phil’s segment music by Brian McCarthy

Clip of Ira Glass from This American Life episode "460: Retraction."

John McClane - Nate Foster
Bill Gannon - himself
Jeremy the Elf / Jeremy Beauregard - Dillon Geyselaers
Gordon Bryant - Michael Howell
Fred Astereo, Queenie McSteve and Johnny - Brian McCarthy
Jeff Robertson - Jeff Rubin
Madras Shulani Birhyakti - Jeff Scherer
Natalia Whispers - Lauren Stripling
Louie the subway conductor - Scott Wiener

“70 wah wah” by Bauchamp
“Raga Kirwani”  by Soumitra Lahiri and Shailendra Mishra
“Prodigal Son” by Clifton Hicks

episode 2


Leslie Scoogins - Michael Howell
Police Officer - Bob Juergens
Simone Davis - Alexis Lambright
Librarian - Jessica Leber
Ray’s dad and Gunther - Brian McCarthy
Today Show reporter - Amanda Odmark
Local news reporter - Christine Pineiro
Lip sync competition host - Danny Pudelek
Peter Ruffian - Peter Rugh
Avery Ostweiler - Katy Zanville

"Cratom Coma" by Soy
"Backed Vibes Clean" by Kevin MacLeod
“Whattya Say With Ray Elliott” theme by Brian McCarthy
“Girl U Know It’s True” - music by Brian McCarthy, vocals by Ren Peir, words by Bryan Farrell, and mixed by David Tatasciore
Phil’s segment music by Brian McCarthy
“Occupy My Heart” - vocals by Ren Peir, words and music by Brian McCarthy, mixed by David Tatasciore

episode 3

Hidden talents

Jeremy the Elf / Jeremy Beauregard - Dillon Geyselaers
Werner Airhorne - Bob Juergens
Destiny/Philippa - Christine Pineiro

Phil’s segment music by Brian McCarthy

episode 4

The truth


The stories, names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this podcast are made up or used fictitiously, for entertainment purposes only. Any resemblance to actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is coincidental. Additionally, all company names mentioned within the podcast are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of any trademarks or other names in the program does not constitute or imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them in any manner whatsoever.