What’s The Story? is a storytelling podcast for the post-truth era.

Each episode we choose a theme and bring you different stories on that theme, as we search for the best version of the truth.

Episode 1: Dream Jobs

Ray interviews the founder of the humanitarian organization Doctors Without MDs. Stacey helps a helicopter pilot tell his story of overcoming discrimination in the workplace. Phil explores the hobo life. And Blair profiles a mediocre basketball player who has found success abroad.

Episode 2: Subcultures

Ray visits a podcasting convention, where he meets a subway conductor with his own show and a tech entrepreneur trying to make audio go viral. Stacey experiments with whisper therapy and learns something new about herself. Phil probes the essence of the universe by taking mushrooms on an empty stomach. And Blair uncovers the secrets of a sovereign community in the Shenandoah Valley.

Episode 3: Hidden Talents

Ray uncovers some of his early forays into radio, and begins to doubt his abilities as a host. Phil rebounds with a bombshell at the worst possible moment. Blair returns to the scene of a crime, and attempts to correct an old wrong. And Stacy finally finds her voice.

Episode 4: The Truth

In the season finale, Ray returns to his soul-crushing office job and is forced to reconsider the importance of facts. Stacey sends a dispatch from her post-podcast life. Phil finds a new worldview thanks to a no-nonsense self-help guru. And Blair embraces destiny.