The WTS? Team


Ray Elliott is the creator and host of What’s The Story? Formerly a fact checker, he obsessively listened to storytelling podcasts as a means of escape. After an existential crisis, brought on by the Mike Daisey episode of This American Life, he realized facts only got in the way of a good story. So, he quit his job as “a wet blanket” to start a podcast where stories matter more than facts.

Stacey Tung is new to the podcasting world, by way of the music industry, where she worked as a singer and songwriter. Although she refuses to talk about her music career, she is excited to use her talents as an entertainer — and savvy political observer — to provoke a whole new audience of listeners.

Phil O’Malley is Ray’s childhood friend. A self-described dreamer and truth-seeker, he was living in a Staten Island commune when Ray asked him to join the show. Phil is certain this is a sign… of something. And he’ll have his trusty cassette recorder with him as he embarks on that journey to find out.

Blair Clemens was Ray’s college journalism professor and mentor. As the muckraker who exposed the infamous 1980’s Bengali-Fjord affair, Blair adds his grizzled professional wisdom and salty world perspective to the rest of what he calls “this team of otherwise unredeemable neophytes.”

Mike the Sound Guy came with the studio.